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Handheld Portable Tesla Coil

Handheld Portable Tesla Coil

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The hand-held Tesla coil is a portable and portable artificial lightning generating device. Its shell is hand-assembled with fully transparent acrylic sheets; it is powered by a 12.6V 2200mAh high-capacity lithium battery pack, which can produce beautiful pictures with a length of more than 13cm. The number of artificial lightning is as high as 1700 times, and it has a good performance in terms of effect and battery life.
This product adopts the key-type single trigger mode, and does not have the function of automatic triggering and music playback.

This is US Plug, If you are EU or other countries, you need to prepare an adapter yourself Insert the DC plug, the plug charger indicator light turns green to indicate that it is fully charged, and the charger indicator light turns red to indicate that it is charging. At this time, the Tesla panel indicator light will not display anything.

1. When the user uses the device for the first time, it may happen that the arc trigger switch is pressed and the arc fails, and the LED2 on the function panel can be observed, that is, the SRT indicator is off. If this happens, the user It is necessary to turn off the power switch and turn it on again to release the protection state of the device until the RST indicator on the function panel lights up again.

2. After the RST indicator lights up again, the user needs to touch the discharge needle of the device, and then try to trigger the arc trigger switch again to assist the startup of the device. This process can be tried several times until the device can emit arcs normally. .
3. If the RST indicator suddenly turns off during use, users can try to turn off the power switch and restart the device again to restore to normal.
4. The device is powered by 3 series 18650 lithium batteries, and the discharge cut-off voltage is 10.6V. When the user observes that the voltmeter on the function panel shows 10.6V, please charge the device in time!



1. Product Name: Handheld Tesla Coil
2. Category: Handmade DIY Assembly Works
3. Power supply: 12.6V lithium battery pack 2200mA
4. Charging: 12.6V 1A
5. Battery life: ≥1700 times
6. Frequency: 1.1-1.3Mhz
7. Size: 20x7.1x18cm
8. Arc: 13cm

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